Herdsmen killings and APC chances in 2019

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With the spate of killings being perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen across the country, one wonders where and how the All Progressives Congress (APC) will summon the courage to campaign for the 2019 general elections.The above statement is predicated on the quote by Senator Shehu Sani a Senator representing Kaduna Central.
“If our party cannot guarantee the peace and stability, we factually have given up our moral right to ask people to vote for us again.”
If only the people surrounding President Buhari can look him in the face and tell hum the home truth.
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A government that places a higher premium on the lives of cattle over it`s citizens has no reason staying in power. The IG of Police clearly stated that the Anti Open Grazing Law was the reason herdsmen have been killing innocent people in Benue state and his refusal to implement the law is unimaginable to say the least.
One can only liken his assertion to that of an armed robber who says the law against robbery is the reason he will continue to rob innocent citizens.
I want to ask the Police IG if Kogi and Plateau states also have the Anti Open Grazing Law too to warrant the senseless killings and destruction? These killings have gone on for too long to be ignored. IPOB didn't go this far before it was declared a terrorist group. The world is watching.
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